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Woodshell Cover Cherry for iPhone 6

Article Number: 10506

Delivery Time: available from stock

€29.90  *
€29.90  *
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Woodshell Cover Walnut for iPhone 6
€29.90  *

Woodshell Cover Cherry for iPhone 6

The wood shell cover is made of a full piece of natural wood, which underwent many treatments of timber perfection to ensure the best texture and the best shape of the natural material. With accurate and skillful skulture techniques, the cover looks very fine, complete and more delicate than normal products which made from molded plastics.

Due to the special feature of the natureal wood, the cover looks very special and at the same remained the most possible light weight. Thus this cover can help you capture the spot attention amoung the massive iPhone users and upgrade your personailty to be a person who pay attention to evironment and natural easthetic taste.And each cover is a unique one because of the irregular natural wood pattern.

Perfect fit, accurate cam hole and secure connection are just some of the characteristics of this comoi cover. All connections and buttons stay fully accessible.

Additional Information

Product type Cover
Series Woodshell Cover iPhone 6
Compatible models Apple iPhone 6
Delivery time available from stock
Material 100% cherry timber
Color natural cherry
Weight 31 g

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